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Global Reach
In-depth knowledge of developed and emerging markets, combined with expertise in risk-controlled, multi-country portfolios

Fundamental Principles
A time-tested investment approach based on traditional bottom-up stock analysis

Quantitative Investing
Systematic strategies that bring speed, objectivity and transparency to investment decisions


Batterymarch Financial Management, Inc. is an equity specialist investing in approximately 50 countries for clients around the world. Our unique quantitative strategies combine the power of technology with the wisdom of experienced fundamental investors.

Recent News & Insights

  Benjamine M. Lavine, CFA, Portfolio Manager

Enhancing Portfolios with International Small Cap Stocks
International small caps are a promising, yet largely uptapped, source of diversification and returns, says senior portfolio manager Chris Floyd. <Read more>

  Benjamine M. Lavine, CFA, Portfolio Manager

Looking for Lower-Cost Alpha?
Senior portfolio manager Austin Kairnes explains why Batterymarch's actively managed US Large Cap strategy may be the solution for investors seeking steady, low-cost returns. <Read more>

  Benjamine M. Lavine, CFA, Portfolio Manager

How to be Smart about Smart Beta
How can investors use “Smart Beta” strategies to better meet their investment goals? CIO Adam Petryk has the answer. <Read more>


Lower-Volatility Strategies: The Upside of Downside
Quantitative analyst Luke Manley and CIO Adam Petryk discuss how low-volatility strategies can enhance an asset allocation plan. <Read more>


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UN Principles for Responsible Investment UN Principles for Responsible Investment

Investment Spotlight

Map of the World

International Small Cap (ACWI ex-US) Equity

Broader growth opportunities plus important diversification benefits

International small cap stocks provide much of the growth potential of US small caps, with deeper participation in non-US markets than larger securities. Smaller non-US stocks can be a gateway not only to domestically oriented businesses with dominant market share, but also to global industry leaders outside the larger cap range.

This well-established asset class—long overlooked by many investors—offers a strong performance history along with attractive risk characteristics. Learn how an allocation to international small caps can help enhance portfolio returns while improving overall diversification <Read more>.

For details about Batterymarch's International Small Cap (ACWI ex-US) Equity strategy, please contact Tim Stanton, Global Sales Director, at 617-266-8300 or <Email>.